We have commitment to develop our product to give the best service to our customers.
We have many variative products from Individual market to the Corporation.
Here are Our Products & Services :
  • Auto

    Our Car Insurance Products are Reguard Auto™, it covers comprehensive risk, including Partial or even Total Loss, Third Party Liabilty [TPL], Personal Accident, Medical Expense, Private Loss if Total Loss was happened
  • Travel

    Our Travel Insurance Products give you the protection from the risk when you are travelling, like personal accident, medical expense reimbursement, Private Luggage & Money Loss, Uncomfortable Travelling like Time Delay or even Baggage Loss, Down Payment Travelling Risk and also Trip Cancellation
  • Home

    Our Insurance Package specially designed for Your House protection that protect many unwanted risk like : fire, lightning, explosion, impact of falling aircraft, smoke, riot, looting (including all preventive acts against looting), strike, malicious damage, impact of vehicle, personal accident, burglary, and third party liability. Besides that we also give you some free additional benefits such as rental cost, removal of debris, fire brigade charges and architect', consultant' and surveyor' fees. We also provide coverage for any other perils which are not included in the policy wording , and can be extended from these package such as earthquake, flood, and landslide
  • Contents

    Our Contents Insurance Policy will protect your Most Valuable Home Goods from many risks like : Accidentally & Stolen Loss, Flood Disaster, Earthquake Disaster , Tornado Cyclone Disaster, etc. as mentioned in the Policy
  • Personal

    Insurance Package that specially designed for personal/individual and cover the risk as : personal accident, permanent disablement & death as noted on the policy
  • Property

    Insurance Package designed specially for your bussiness residences. house or apartement or building. we give you protection against : fire, lightning strike, explosion, falling aircraft, smog, riot & loot, labour strike, vehicle crash, personal accident, theft & Burglary, Third Party Liability. we give you other benefit like : free rent charge, free debris cleaning, free car extinguisher, free architect, consultant & surveyor fees
  • Cargo

    Our Cargo Insurance Product give your cargo [goods delivered by ship] protection against : fire, explosion, crashed & sunken ship, storm, damaged goods caused by sea / weather as noted on policy
  • Surety Bond

    We have a Surety Bond product as an alternative of Bank Guarantee in accordance with Presidential Decree No.. 54 Year 2010, which products are guaranteed to Obligee order PRINCIPAL run the project according to the agreed contract. The products can we publish are : 1. Bid Bond 2. Performance Bond 3. Advance Payment Bond 4. Maintenance Bond 5. Custom Bond